Using Air Conditioned Storage Units in Fort Myers FL

by | Apr 11, 2019 | Transportation and Logistics

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Protecting personal belongings from moisture damage is an important task to consider when there is a need for long-term storage. Excessive humidity levels in an enclosed area can quickly lead to wood rot, rusted metal, or saturation of paperwork. Here are some tips to help keep belongings safe from water content when there is a need to store them.

Select The Right Storage Unit

The storage unit rented for the holding of personal items can make a big difference in the protection level available. Selecting one of the air conditioned storage units in Fort Myers FL is an option to consider. These units are controlled via thermostat, keeping the interior portions at a cooled temperature when needed. Air conditioning will limit the amount of humidity that gets inside of the unit, helping to keep belongings safe. It is important to check over the exact unit to be rented beforehand for draftiness as well.

Invest In Plastic Storage Containers

Placing items in protective containers will limit their exposure to humid air. Before items are positioned inside of plastic storage containers, it is important to ensure they are completely dry so moisture is not trapped inside with them. Use a hair dryer to remove any water droplets from items and run clothing through drying equipment before folding them and storing them away.

Use Dissidents And Lift Belongings

Many storage units are positioned over concrete slabs. This type of surface is prone to moisture accumulations if humidity rises inside of the space. Lift items from floor level to avoid saturation. Use wooden pallets or shelving units to do the trick. Dissidents also help to keep humidity at a lower level. Position them near items prone to damage and swap them with new ones every few weeks. Purchase them at a home goods store or use buckets of charcoal as an alternative way of removing humidity.

When there is a need to place items in one of the air conditioned storage units in Fort Myers FL finding a facility that offers competitive pricing is always favorable. Visit Website Domain to find out more about the services provided.

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