3 Intermodal Shipping Facts

by | May 13, 2019 | Transportation

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Whether you are a frequent shipper of goods, manufacturer or receiver of goods, your goal is probably to keep shipping costs down while keeping the time of transit as short as possible. There are several ways to ship goods. The most common is by ground. Air, rail and by sea are others. Sometimes, a combination of two or more is needed. This is known as Intermodal Shipping Chicago. The combination of shipping methods offers several benefits.

Here are three intermodal shipping facts to consider.

What is Intermodal Shipping?

As mentioned before, intermodal shipping is a combination of two or more shipping methods. One common combination is rail and ground. While the rail system is still expansive, it does not necessarily reach all areas. Rail is great for shipping to ports. Then, trucks pick up the goods and drive them to their final destinations. Rail is wonderful for cross country. It is also a great way to save money. The recipient may be located in a downtown area or other location that can only be accessed by a truck, van or shuttle, so the combination is necessary.

Saves Money

Rail is a popular transport option because it requires less fuel. This directly impacts your shipping costs. The fewer expenses your transport method incurs, the cheaper the total rate you can expect. It is also efficient. The freight company you work with will utilize analytics to offer you the best method and price they can provide. So, intermodal shipping is a great way to save money.

Save Time

The freight company you work with will also take into consideration your timeline. Sometimes, Intermodal Shipping Chicago is the fastest way to get goods from point A to B. Even though rail is efficient, it could have a detour that slows down your goods.

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