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Positioning Items Properly in Secure Self Storage Traverse City MI

When items are to be brought to a secure self storage Traverse City MI to be stored, organizing them will make it easier to find particular belongings when needed. There are several ways to sort and label belongings so navigating a unit will not be difficult. Here are some tips to consider.

Plot Out The Exact Locations Before Moving

It is a good idea to find out the dimensions of a storage unit before attempting to place items inside of it. Items can be measured before bringing them to a facility to decide upon the area within a unit for placement. This will allow the owner to piece together items to maximize the use of the space they are allotted.

Make Sure There is Ample Space For Moving

When placing items inside a storage unit, it is best to think about how someone would get from front to back and side to side of the allotted space. Leaving areas without items positioned on the floor will help someone navigate the interior of the unit without difficulty. It is a good idea to leave space along the back wall so climbing over items will not be necessary. Tape can be placed on the floor to show where pathways should be left before items are placed inside of the unit.

Keep Like Items Together, Add A Map, And Use Labels

Placing items that belong to a specific area of the home or office, or keeping one type of item together within a storage unit is best. Grouping items by owner, the room they belong inside, or activity they allow will make it easier to find a specific item when wanted.

After items are placed in a storage unit, a diagram can be drawn showing their location within the space. This can be placed on the wall near the storage unit door for easy reference. Using bold lettering on labels will also aid in making items easier to locate when they are within enclosures.

When a need for secure self storage in Traverse City MI arises, finding the right facility for the job is necessary. Contact Vortex Self Storage for more information about the sizes of unit available as well as the pricing requested for their rentals.