Why Keeping It Fresh Is Everything When It Comes to the Retail Business

by | Sep 27, 2019 | Transportation and Logistics

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Today’s world practically runs on perishable goods. Items like meats, produce, medicines, and so many other things that people need, have a mandate to get to its destinations without being ruined. What good is a product that can’t be used, right? More importantly, what happens when a necessity spoils in transit? None of the possible outcomes are good.

That’s why refrigerated trucking companies in Chicago are so vital. Refrigerated trucking ensures that temperature-sensitive goods are safe for consumers. This industry helps people survive, pure and simple. That, in itself, is a powerful reason to use refrigerated trucking services. Here are a few more reasons you should strongly consider getting on board.


Refrigerated trucking isn’t just good for perishables. Trucks can transport all types of materials, including nonperishables. So, if you have a mix of both, refrigerated trucking is a no-fail method to get all supplies to a destination at once.

Federal Compliance

Refrigerated transport for perishables is more than just a delivery choice. It’s an industry standard that is enforced by the federal government. This is where two different agencies, Food and Drug Administration and FMCSA, intersect for consumer protection. FMCSA, which falls under DOT jurisdiction, regulates CDL holders and commercial vehicle. Food and Drug Administration regulates food safety. Between the two, perishables must be transported under specific conditions and refrigerated trucking is often the standard method.

Economic and Technical Growth

Refrigerated transport has evolved. Temperature-controlled mechanisms and environments are more efficient than ever. Perishable items can travel further distances under safer conditions. The supply-and-demand wheel spins a lot more smoothly and encourages economic growth. That’s great for businesses relying on transport and the overall economy.

Are you in the market for refrigerated trucking companies Chicago? Contact Larry’s Cartage at LarrysCartage.com and we’ll keep your perishables fresh while getting it to where it needs to be.

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