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Choosing a Premium Drayage Service in the Midwest

Many of the most popular intermodal transportation companies in Chicago also offer drayage services for shipments that are moving short distances. While selecting a company that offers affordable prices is important, the same goes for be sure the company is high-quality. Today we’ll look at some things to consider when selecting a drayage provider.

Choose a Company That Values Safety

One of the ways you can determine if a company is concerned with safety is by finding out if they have been rated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. You also should ask to see clean driving histories and validated Transportation Worker Identification Credential cards. This shows that a company cares about safety and will do whatever possible to keep your shipment protected.

Ensure the Motor Carrier is Well-Informed

Any of the experienced intermodal transportation companies in Chicago should be capable of noticing problems early. This applies to things like being aware of the weather, knowing if a port is on strike, or being upfront if a driver is having issues and running behind. You want a company at your side that can advise you on your best options and how to make the most money.

Check for Constant Data Availability

You want to have constant access to data, and your chosen company should provide that. This applies to everything from analytics to driver management. You deserve to be in control of all of your information. This is the best way to ensure you can prove a delivery has completed or to show proof of confirmation for a receipt. If you aren’t sure where one of your shipments are, you should have the ability to trace at any time of day or night.

Choose a Responsive Company in Chicago

It’s important that your drayage service is offered by a company that is available and responsive. You want to know that someone is always going to pick up your call, no matter what the topic is. You’re going to have moments when you need to confirm a receipt, double-check the status of a shipment, or submit a rate request and having to wait around can be frustrating.

Someone in Your Corner

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