Which Moving Companies Offer Furniture Storage Service in Naples, FL?

by | Oct 30, 2018 | Storage and Handling Equipment

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When a homeowner needs to store furniture while their home is being remodeled, a closing date on the new house has been delayed, or they are looking for a new home to purchase, there are facilities available. Moving companies such as Rices Moving & Transport Inc. may offer storage facilities to their customers. The advantage of using this type of moving company is that they handle the whole move from packing furniture at the old location and moving it to storage, storing it, and then moving it to the new home. One company means convenience and getting only one bill.

The Importance Of Safe Furniture Storage

When the new location is not available on time and the old house needs to be vacated, homeowners are put in an awkward position. They can stay with family or friends or in a hotel. But, what do they do with a house full of furniture, clothing, and other belongings? When a carefully planned family move with moving out one day and moving into the new house within a couple days is shaken up, it can be disastrous. Closing on the new home can be delayed because of paperwork or financing glitches. What if the builder does not finish building the new home on schedule?

Emergencies such as health issues, weather, or accidents can cause a delay. If the moving company offers furniture storage service in Naples FL, the family can have peace of mind that their belongings will be safely stored until the move can be completed.

Storage During A Major Home Renovation

When a large home is being renovated with an interior designer and special-order, custom furniture pieces, logistics can get tricky. The furniture and belongings of the homeowner may need to be taken out of the home during the renovation. Then, the custom furniture pieces may come before the renovation is complete, so they need to be safely stored. There may be delays in contractors finishing their work.

So, having a moving company that offers furniture storage service in Naples FL may be very important. The best companies wrap or crate belongings and move them to a safe storage facility. They will also receive all the custom furniture and open the crates to check for damage and repack it. When the newly renovated home is ready, they will move everything to the home and place it where it belongs. Get more information on the website.

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