Simple Tips to Store Items in Storage NYC

by | Dec 29, 2015 | Transportation and Logistics

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Moving or decluttering a home can be a very significant event in a person’s life. It can also be stressful when done in a haphazard manner. To make this time more organized and calm, it’s helpful to use a storage unit. Renting a storage unit can give a homeowner more space in his home and a protected place to store household goods. The following tips will assist in packing items for storage in NYC.

Before packing household items for Storage in NYC, make a list of effects that will be moved to this location. Do this one room at a time. Simply trying to make a list of all personal possessions at one time can be frustrating. After making a list of the items from each room, decide how the assets will be packed. This involves deciding the moving devices that will be used. Many people either use cardboard boxes or plastic totes. Sensitive or fragile items may require storage devices that offer more protection from the weather elements and crushing.

It’s necessary have the right moving supplies as well. Some of these items include packing tape, labels, and permanent markers. Any tape used should make it easy to keep boxes closed and simple to open them. The labels can be affixed to plastic totes for quick identification. The permanent markers can be used on the labels or boxes. Peanut foam or tissue is available to protect breakables.

When filling a storage unit, create a pathway down the middle of the boxes. Use corners and the sides of the storage unit for stability. Take advantage of vertical height. Lighter boxes and items not stored in moving devices can be placed at the tops of stacks. In addition, use empty spaces in drawers and appliances to keep hard-to-pack belongings. These spaces should be clean and free of harmful materials.

By using these tips, a homeowner can have peace of mind knowing his possessions are safe from damage and theft. It will also free up space in a home for other functions. For more information on storage services, please talk to an expert at Big John’s Moving. This company can handle numerous services including local moves, long distance moves, and storage needs.

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