How Intermodal Transportation Works and Is It Good for You?

by | Dec 7, 2018 | Transportation and Logistics

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Intermodal transportation is when more than one mode of transport is used to carry something from its origin to its destination, whether that is Chicago, or somewhere far removed for the Windy City. Think of it as the opposite of local snail mail. Instead of one mail truck carrying the mail from the post office to your house a couple of miles away, intermodal transportation involves using a combination of planes, trains, ships, and trucks to move goods—often across long distances.

How Intermodal Transportation Works

A truck may begin the process by delivering a container that has not yet been filled with any goods. The container is then packed at the factory or another distributor with whatever needs to be sent. It could then be transported to a railway yard. From here, it is put on a train and sent towards the destination city. Once it arrives at the rail yard of the desired city, it is then loaded onto another truck and dropped off at the appropriate location. The container will once again be empty and able to be used to transport something else.

Is an Intermodal Transportation Company Good for You?

One of this biggest considerations is the size of the item or group of items you are shipping. If it is less than 25 tons, an intermodal transportation company in Chicago will be a good choice for you.

You will also need to consider how long the Domain.shipping distance will be. The longer the item has to travel, the more likely an intermodal transportation company will be the right choice. For example, if the freight is going to be spanning a distance of more than 300 miles or so, you will want to search Chicago for an intermodal transportation company. If not, the payoff may not be sufficient to deliver a strong enough return on your investment.

The value of what you’re shipping should be considered as well. Because there is a lot of movement involved in intermodal shipping, a very high-value item—particularly a more fragile one—may be better off traveling through the air. However, even glass can be packed in such a way as to minimize the chance of damage, so inquire about this while you’re searching through companies.

In the Chicago area, Larry’s Cartage is the go-to solution for many when it comes to intermodal shipping. They can help you figure out your options, and you can talk to them over the phone at 630-920-0772 or connect online at Domain.

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