How Do People Use Mobile Shanties?

by | Feb 25, 2016 | Transportation and Logistics

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Shanties are structures that can be constructed quickly, used for a time, and then dismantled without a lot of trouble. Since the idea is to avoid erecting anything permanent, Mobile Shanties help to fill the gap when some sort of short-term need arises. Here are some examples of how to make good use of this kind of structure.

Staging a Home

The plan is to sell the house, but the real estate agent advises the client that all the clutter needs to go. After all, prospective buyers want to see the house, not all the knickknacks the present owner has accumulated. One solution is to rent a shanty and set it up in one corner of the back yard. All those treasures can be carefully packed in sturdy boxes and removed from the home. Once the house does sell, the boxes will be ready for the move. After everything is transported to the new place, the shanty can be returned to the supplier.

Painting Rooms

The time has come for a fresh coat of paint on the walls, but the idea of emptying rooms and loading all that furniture into other parts of the home is not all that exciting. Who wants to spend a week or more walking around all those displaced pieces? By arranging for the delivery of one or two Mobile Shanties, it will be easy to move the furniture into the temporary backyard storage. Assuming enough units are rented, keeping everything used in each of the rooms together will be a breeze.

Secure Storage for Tools

Doing some work on the home exterior will likely mean renting some equipment. When it is not in use, it pays to make sure it is in a secure place. A shanty can be locked, ensuring that the tools and other equipment will still be there when the crew arrives in the morning and gets back to work.

For anyone who needs some quick and temporary storage, visit website and learn more about portable shanties. After checking out the features and the rental pricing, it will not take long to determine if this solution is the right one.

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