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Packing And Organizing Ceramic Collectibles And Services Provided By A Moving Company In Minneapolis

Ceramic collectibles are susceptible to damage while being moved if they are not packed properly. The following instructions describe how to pack and organize ceramic items. During transit, collectibles will remain stabilized, and they will arrive at their destination in perfect condition.


  • roll of bubble wrap
  • scissors
  • packing tape
  • self-adhesive labels
  • marker
  • notebook
  • cartons with inserts
  • foam peanuts
  • caution labels

Wrapping And Labeling Ceramic Pieces

Durable packing materials can be acquired from a Moving Company in Minneapolis. Ceramic pieces should be placed on a flat surface before wrapping them in bubble wrap. Several layers of bubble wrap should surround each piece to minimize the risk of damage to any of them. Strips of packing tape should be applied to the edges of bubble wrap pieces to secure them. A self-adhesive label can be affixed to the outside of each wrapped piece. After writing a description on each of the labels, a master list of items that are wrapped can be created to help keep track of items once they are sealed inside of a carton.

Packing Wrapped Pieces In Cartons

A divider should be inserted in each carton that will be holding wrapped pieces. Dividers will prevent pieces from coming into contact with each other while they are being transported. A thin, even layer of foam peanuts should be poured into the bottom of a carton. One wrapped ceramic piece should be placed inside each compartment in a carton. Foam pieces can be used to fill gaps in the compartments.

After closing each carton’s flaps, strips of packing tape can be used to secure the shipping containers. Caution labels should be affixed to the sides of cartons, alerting a moving crew from Action Moving Services Inc. or another Moving Company in Minneapolis that items are fragile and need to be handled with care.

Hiring Professional Help

If a business or homeowner will be moving to a new location and does not have enough time to pack items before they are being transported, a professional moving crew will assist. Items will be packed and transported according to a customer’s wishes.