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List of Items that Requre Climate Controlled Storage Services in Naples FL

The need for additional storage outside the presents one with important decisions that must be made. There are many factors to consider before renting a storage unit. Some of these factors include location, size of unit, whether the unit is climate controlled and how much the unit will cost. All of these considerations must be made in order to secure the ideal storage unit. Stored items are generally things that play an important role in a persons life. This may include sentimental items, antiques, keepsakes, pictures, and other things that have personal meaning. This means that these items must be preserved. Here are a list of items that require climate controlled storage services in Naples FL.

Artwork and art supplies should be stored only in a climate controlled setting. These items must remain in temperatures that range from 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The recommendation is the same for crafting items and equipment. Paint and supplies can sustain irreversible damage with improper storage temperatures. Moisture or condensation will also have a negative impact. All of these items must be protected from UV rays, extreme heat or freezing conditions. Climate Controlled Storage Services in Naples FL will provide the ideal environment for storing all artwork and supplies.

Photos are another precious item that should be stored in a dry environment that is climate controlled. Rising temperatures and heat will cause photos to almost melt together. This results in them sticking together and when peeled apart, it totally ruins the photo. Having the precious moments preserved in photos is something that all families do throughout their life together. It is perfectly fine to store them in photo albums as long as the albums have passed the photographic activity test. A temperature controlled storage environment will help keep these precious memories preserved for years to come.

Other items that require a climate controlled environment are things such as wooden furniture, clothing, important documents, musical instruments, collectibles, electronics, appliances and more. There really are not too many things that can safely be stored under conditions that do not provide the ability to control climate. Preservation is all part of storage. No one wants to retrieve their stored items and end up having to throw them in the trash because they are ruined. Click here to get more information on moving, storage and packing services that are currently available in Southwest Florida.