Acquiring Training When Planning to Apply for a Commercial Drivers License in Illinois

by | Oct 18, 2017 | Driving Schools

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When people want to acquire a driver’s license, they must pass a written exam and a road test. The same procedure is required to obtain a Commercial Drivers License in Illinois when someone has a goal of becoming a semi-truck driver, a dump truck driver, or working in a related occupation. Completing training at a facility like Star Truck Driving School is an effective way to master the information and skills needed to pass the test and get on the road to a rewarding career.


Aspiring truck drivers can practice for the written exam online by answering questions on sample tests. It’s not as easy to practice the actual driving unless the person has a way to receive training. Occasionally, someone is able to pick up the skills by doing work on farms and other locations that don’t require a Commercial Drivers License in Illinois. In most cases, however, attending a driving school is necessary to become skilled enough to operate the vehicle safely.


Some of the largest trucking corporations train prospective drivers at their own facilities because they cannot find enough qualified workers. After passing the CDL tests, the graduates are contracted with the company for a certain length of time. But, not everyone can or wants to participate in this type of opportunity. It could require having to find lodging far from home during the training, and many people do not want to sign a contract committing to work for one particular company. Contracts typically last more than a year.


The driving school should provide training with actual freight terminals and not only simulated environments. Small classes are preferable so students can benefit from more personalized attention. Acquiring a class A license is the goal for most students so they can operate big rigs. Some schools also provide class B license coursework for students who plan to apply for jobs driving a dump truck or other straight truck. They can complete class A training later if they want to. People who plan to work in major metro areas will benefit from additional practice in their coursework.

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