A Few Tips On Making A Local Move

by | Oct 12, 2017 | Moving Services

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Local movers are somewhat different than long distance moves. When you are moving within the same community, there are things that you can do yourself and things that are best handled by the local movers in Chicago that you hired.

Preparing for the move:

  • Anyone that has been in their home for any length of time will have invariably accumulated a lot of “stuff.” Chances are that the bulk of the stuff you have collected will never be used again, so why spend good money to move it. Be ruthless, go through the closets, the basement and the garage; throw out what can only be classified as junk and donate the rest to Goodwill.

Hiring the moving company:

  • Always hire a legitimate moving company, one that has been in business for a good number of years and enjoys a high rating with the Better Bossiness Bureau. If you can get references from friends or other people you know, this is excellent. If no one you know has moved recently, ask the candidate companies for the names of a couple of recent customers and contact them to get an idea of their experiences.

High priority items:

  • Even if you are planning to turn the packing responsibilities over to your local movers in Chicago, there are things you will want to deal with personally. Family photos, identity documents such as passports and birth certificates and other prized possessions should always be under your control. Even though you are only making a local move, don’t expect to be able to lay your hands on everything the moment you arrive at your new home. Pack the car with your toiletries, food for your pets and anything else you think you will need when you first arrive.

Make sure that you have contacted all the companies that provide services to your house; electricity, water, gas, etc. As you are making a local move, you may be able to schedule the cut-off at your old home and connections at your new home to happen on the same day.

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