Safe Towing in Lumberton Texas

by | Aug 10, 2016 | Towing and Recovery

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Vehicle ownership requires a level of responsibility that many take for granted when getting behind the wheel, driving to the desired destination, and locating the most appropriate parking space. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to knowing the law while being a responsible driver. Not knowing the law could cause a great deal of hardship despite a person’s best intentions. Unfortunately, many automobile owners learn the workings of the law after they’ve parked illegally, been in an accident and need their car towed, or breached their auto finance contract. There is no greater shock than seeing a tow truck’s tail lights pulling off into the sunset with an all-too-familiar vehicle riding on the back. The investment of time spent learning the mandates of common parking laws could well be worth it in moments like these. It could also circumvent some potential emotional trauma and avoid spiking blood pressure too.

It’s concert time, and there’s that one parking spot that a procession of cars is passing by. Parking there with a sigh of relief seconds before the opening act piles onstage feels great. It was a fleeting thought as to why those cars passed this prime parking spot but, upon returning after the concert, it becomes crystal clear that something very important was overlooked. That parking space was left vacant because of the fire hydrant located there for emergencies. That same prized parking spot is vacant once again and could mean only one thing, the beloved mode of transportation has been towed away. It’s helpful to review the outcome of parking illegally and locating where old faithful has been hauled to. The lot will have signs to direct the next course of action. Chances are great that their phone number will be conveniently located on the signage there too.

When that texting driver approaching in the rear ends up in the backseat, or that layoff at work leaves a sparse supply of money for making that car note, Towing in Lumberton is available and just a phone call away. It pays to be a bit suspicious too when a coveted parking space with a convenient location is left untouched by the parade of cars up ahead.

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