Questions To Ask Logistics Companies in Hawaii

by | Sep 29, 2016 | Freight Forwarding

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Having freight-forwarded is a crucial part of doing business that involves transoceanic shipments. When first looking to utilize the services of Logistics Companies in Hawaii, there are questions that should ask of them by the customer. These are asked to not only glean more information about the companies themselves but to ensure peace of mind that the precious cargo will arrive safe and sound.

Is the company experienced with the cargo being shipped?

This is necessary to know as not all cargo shipments require the same procedures. Shipping textiles is a vastly different undertaking than shipping hazardous waste. As soon as the cargo leaves its port, it is in control of the freight company so it should be guaranteed that they have the know-how that is required to ship the cargo safely and professionally. You can visit here to get more information.

What is the network coverage of the company?

Different companies have different needs. For smaller companies, it may not be needed for their freight forwarding shipper to be able to ship to the Middle East. They may only require that the freight company be able to ship from the lower 48 United States to its island territories and/or Hawaii or Alaska. Global shipping abilities are crucial to larger companies, however, so always ask where they are equipped to ship and how often they ship to that particular area. The more often they ship there, the stronger the network will be.

How many units do they ship in a calendar year?

The more cargo containers or units that a company ship directly correlates with how experienced the company really is. Many start-ups may pop up and offer enticing promises or pricing structures, but they have no real experience and often fail to deliver on those promised claims. In this business, experience matters because newcomers simply will not have the infrastructure in place to compete in a global setting.

At the end of the day, it is simply the wisest choice to work with Logistics Companies in Hawaii such as Landmark Logistics Corporation. These companies have the most knowledge and the best networks to get the goods delivered promptly and carefully.

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