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Packing Paperwork And Computer Equipment Prior To Hiring Household Movers In St. Paul

If an individual will be moving to a new town and has a lot of paperwork and computer equipment in their home office, the following tips can be used to organize and pack items so that they remain in order and damage-free while they are being transported.

Placing Paperwork In Individual Folders And Bins

Paperwork should be sorted and any information that is outdated or that has been transferred to a computer file can be thrown away. The remaining paperwork should be separated, according to what it pertains too. Afterward, stacks can be placed in folders that have an adhesive label on them. The folders can be stored inside of a waterproof storage container that has a secure lid. This type of container will prevent papers from becoming damaged or destroyed while they are in transit.

Applying Protective Layers Over Computer Equipment

Any equipment that is fragile or that can become damaged if exposed to moisture can be wrapped in layers of bubble wrap before being sealed with strips of packing tape. Electrical cords can be rolled up and secured with rubber bands to prevent the cords from becoming tangled with others. Once items are wrapped, labeling them and creating a master list of all of the pieces that have been prepared will help someone keep track of materials that are ready to be transported.

Equipment can be packed inside of a large bin that has a divider installed in it. Any extra space between pieces will need to be filled with foam pieces or crumpled up newspaper to prevent materials from shifting while they are being moved.

Storing Small Items

Small office supplies can be placed inside of a storage container that has separate drawers. Labels that are affixed to the front of each drawer will prevent anything from becoming lost. Once a storage container has been filled, strips of tape that are placed over the edge of each drawer will prevent any of them from opening while the materials are being transported to another location.

Once office materials have been packed, Household Movers in St. Paul will pick them up from their current location and drop them off at a new residence. Action Moving Services Inc. or other Household Movers in St. Paul will assist with all phases of a move and can be relied upon for a project of any size.