How Residential Movers in Wichita, KS Make Moving Less Stressful

by | Dec 6, 2016 | Moving Services

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No matter how exciting a relocation is, the actual move to another home is hard, stressful work. That is why so many Wichita residents turn the job over to experts like Getting a Move On. These established professionals are customer oriented and strive to solve clients’ problems. They do this by offering accurate estimates, professional packing solutions, and custom storage options.

Professionals Take the Guesswork Out of Moving

Moving specialists understand that uncertainty can be very unsettling for most people, so they help by offering accurate, dependable services. For example, estimating time frames and expenses are just two of the challenges facing DIY movers. In contrast, experts offer fast, free, and accurate cost and time estimates. When clients request pricing from Residential Movers in Wichita KS, specialists offer fair, all-inclusive estimates. They never add hidden costs. Shipments also arrive on or very close to expected delivery dates even if moves are long distance.

Expert Packing Services Ensure Security

In fact, clients can browse website information and find helpful “to do” moving lists that will keep them organized. If clients want to leave packing to Residential Movers Wichita KS, technicians can help. They easily estimate the type and number of materials needed to protect virtually anything. Technicians will safely box or crate everything from the tiniest antique teacups to pianos. They even move cars.

Storage Services Offer Custom Solutions

Professional movers also offer storage solutions because many clients do not want to move all of their belongings to new homes. Many are building new homes and are not ready for their furniture. Some, like college students, just need temporary storage until they graduate and have their own homes. Moving companies will pick up, crate or box and store these things in secure facilities. The cost is very affordable. A small 5×10 unit can run about $75 per month while a large 10×20 space often costs around $150.

Wichita, Kansas moving companies offer services that help reduce some of the stresses caused by relocations. Professionals offer accurate time, cost and delivery estimates. Experts will do all of the packings and can even move items into secure storage spaces until customers need them. Visit the website for more information,

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