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Boat Share In Pittwater: Advantages Abound

Many people hear the term boat share in Pittwater and think about rentals and boat clubs. While they may have similarities, they aren’t the same. Boat clubs give you access to multiple boats and usually charge a membership fee. You’re free to pick from any of the boats available and get many of the same features, though you don’t own the ship. Rentals are also quite popular, but you aren’t likely to get the same boat each time. You’re also limited as to what you can get based on the time and date and have no say in what goes on with the vessel.

A boat share in Pittwater has similarities between clubs and rentals, but you actually own the boat – you just own a share of the entire boat. You still get charged fees for working with the management company and maintaining the ship, as well as storage. However, you also pay your part to own the boat. Many times, the price is split evenly between eight people, though each syndicate is different. You get to pick the boat of your dreams, but you don’t get to use different vessels. The boat you choose is the one that you keep for the next three to five years.

Luxury Boat Syndicates makes it smarter to share ownership rather than choosing full ownership. With a boat share in Pittwater, you get all the benefits of owning with regard to time. If you’re not living on the vessel, you’re not likely to use it every day of the year. Owners through the management company get 43 full days per year on the water. You’ve probably got a demanding job, personal responsibilities, and other reasons that you can’t use the boat all the time, so you’re saving money while still getting the boating lifestyle you want.