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A Guide to Moving In Tulsa

Depending on a variety of factors, moving can be an exhausting or an exciting experience. Whether someone is moving around the corner or across the country, a move can bring new but memorable experiences. However, selecting the wrong movers can turn a simple move into a prolonged, expensive nightmare. Below are a few things customers should do before Moving in Tulsa.

Get References and Perform Background Checks

Most people know someone who has moved, and family or friends are great sources of recommendations and warnings. However, apartment managers and real estate agents can also point customers in the right direction. While these recommendations are a great starting point, a customer should still do his or her own research by checking with the Better Business Bureau and reading each company’s online reviews. Recommendations are a valuable source of info, but it’s important for consumers to do their homework before hiring a moving company.

Get Multiple Estimates

After getting recommendations and researching potential moving companies, a customer may not think it’s necessary to get competing estimates. However, every move is unique, and costs can vary widely. The number of belongings a person has can directly affect what they pay for professional moving services, as does the distance to be traveled. After going on a walk-through tour with the moving crew, customers should get written estimates from each company they’re considering.

Avoid Non-Descript Language and Non-Physical Addresses

When choosing a moving company, the customer should ensure that it has a local address. It’s also important to call the company to see how the staff answers the phone; if it’s a non-descript greeting, go on to the next company on the list. If a company has no address and no local phone number, it may be hard to get in contact with them again-;which can be problematic after the crew has left with all of the customer’s belongings.

Outside of the conventional industry of Moving in Tulsa, there are numerous unethical companies that prey upon customers who need cost-effective moving services. If a customer does his or her research and plans carefully, it will be easier to prepare for a stress-free move. Click here to learn more about the services offered or to schedule an estimate.