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4 Ways to Deal with Moving Day Madness

Moving to a new home can often seem exciting. But dealing with plenty of tiresome details can take a lot of that excitement away. Here’s how to stay sane throughout moving day:

Hire pros

Don’t go for the DIY approach. You probably already have your hands full with planning the move and dealing with a ton of other things—packing up your belongings, bringing your pets to the vet for their last checkup, getting their medical records and transitioning to a new job. By hiring movers in Encino, you have less things to worry about.

Get referrals

Tempted to simply hire the first moving company that you find? While it might be tempting to simply hire one and get it over with, choosing a reputable crew makes a difference, says Lifehacker. The last thing you want is to find out that a few of your boxes were damaged or lost during transit. With referrals, you can easily find reputable and trustworthy moving firms.

Watch out for signs

Be on your guard and watch for signs that you’ve hired a dodgy mover such as: If the moving firm insists on getting a deposit that’s more than 20 percent the total cost of the service, seems much too interested in the value of your electronics than on checking out all the furniture that need to be moved and transported or just basically a feeling that everything isn’t quite right. Trust your instincts and move on to a different moving firm.

Do an interview

There’s nothing like a face-to-face interview to tell you if those movers in Encino are right for you or not. If you like the company’s work ethic and if the crew checks out—experienced, talented and licensed—then that means you’ve made the right hiring decision.

Don’t let moving day get the best of you. Hire the best moving firm you could find to take care of the details instead.