4 Mistakes to Side-Step When You Hire a Pasadena Moving Company

by | Jul 12, 2018 | Moving Services

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Find out how to get the most value by side-stepping these common hiring mistakes when you look for a Pasadena moving company.

Not asking about the registration number

The firm must hold a registration number with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). If you are moving outside of California, make sure to check the company’s DOT number. And if you are moving within California, make sure to check their PUC number. If the company only travels to one state, then they may not be registered.

Not knowing what the rate covers

Don’t assume that the rate will be enough for everything. Be clear about the services that the rate covers. If you have special moving requests, you may need to pay extra. Ask if those services will bloat up your total bill so you can decide whether to go through with those requests or adjust your bill.

Not asking about extra fees

Find out what hiring conditions will incur you extra charges with the Pasadena moving company. For instance, some companies may charge more if you require them to pack, load and unload an awkwardly-shaped item. If your new address doesn’t offer easy access or if the load has to be carried by hand over a certain distance like stairs or elevators, you may get billed additional charges. Discuss these charges beforehand with your mover. If you make arrangements in advance, many of these fees won’t apply, The Spruce says.

Not asking about transfers

Some companies may transport your boxes by transferring it from one truck to another. This is typical for long distance moves. However, transfers also increase the possibility of loss and damage. That’s all the more possible if you move during the winter or rainy season. Before you sign up with the company, ask them about the steps its staff will take to ensure protection for your belongings in transit. That way, those boxes will arrive at your new doorstep safe and sound.

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