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Getting Your Car Ready To Transport

Before shipping your vehicle, there are a few tips to keep in mind so that you can prepare it for the trip. When you talk to the car shipper company, you need to disclose any special details about the vehicle that could mean extra attention and care during the transport process. These details include anything that is antique about the car or any parts that could become damaged during transit. Try to remove any loose parts before the shipping company picks up the vehicle so that there is a decreased chance of anything happening.

Clean your car from the inside out before the car shipper arrives at the pick-up location. After cleaning your car, you can easily spot any dents or issues that are present. When the vehicle arrives at the destination, you can compare your notes to the appearance of the car to determine if any damage has occurred. Remove anything inside the car that could get jostled around. Common items that you want to take our include any change that you have in the console, air fresheners that are hanging on the mirror, or cords that are used for electronic devices.

Turn the alarm off because you don’t want to have it making loud noises while the car is on the transport vehicle. Don’t put a lot of gas in the car before it’s transported. If possible, drive the car until it gets as low on gas as safely possible. In the event of an accident, you don’t want a lot of gas in your car as it could result in a significant fire. Examine your car for any leaks as some transport companies won’t haul a vehicle if there are significant leaks that could damage the platform of the hauler. You should also examine the tire pressure, especially if the car will be pulled on the road instead of putting it on a platform.